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Talented individuals with industry support

All consultants and project managers are talented Curtin University students from a diversity of backgrounds, aimed at providing high-value perspectives to meet your project challenges. Our teams are supported by industry mentors and expert advisors to support the client deliverables, ensuring a high-quality output to meet your organisational needs.

Do you fit our requirements?

We are looking to partner with socially engaged organisations to developing the professional acumen of our students. To partner with Curtin Consulting Group, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your organisation must be a socially focused organisation (The organisation does not have to be a not-for-profit as long as the organisation or the project demonstrates social involvement in the community)

  • Consulting projects must not require more than 12 weeks to complete (~300 hours)

  • Your organisation acknowledges the client deliverable as opinion and must not acknowledge the work as formal advice

  • Your organisation maintains regular contact with the team throughout the project

  • You have authorisation by your organisation to engage in the consultancy work

Our client achievements

The Spiers Centre Inc

Industry: Financial counselling and emergency relief, not-for-profit

Curtin Consulting Group is currently developing a multi-stakeholder partnership strategy to deliver the right messaging towards key current and potential sponsorship partners to continue to drive their work in support financially distressed clients in the Northern Perth community.

Opportunity International Australia

Industry: Global micro-finance programs, not-for-profit

Curtin Consulting Group is current developing a $2.5 million revenue assessment of specific revenue drivers of the organisation and developing key strategic recommendations to drive future revenue growth to maximise its micro-finance program in lifting women out of poverty in the South Asian region.

Round 1, 2021 client requests are currently open

Key Dates:

  • Round 1, 2021 Client Applications is open NOW. Apply below! (Applicants that meet our requirements will be contacted after to discuss potential fit with our goals)

  • Project commences: Late March 2021